Dunn Brothers Coffee Wants to Open 250 Stores in Five Years | Dunn Brothers Coffee

Dunn Brothers Coffee Wants to Open 250 Stores in Five Years

Dunn Brothers Coffee, the Minneapolis-based nearly 40-year-old brand famed for freshly roasting its globally sourced single-origin green beans daily in its coffee shops, is venturing into a new phase of growth with plans to expand from its home market. The brand’s fresh franchise growth strategy aims to open 250 locations within the next five years.

Currently operating 50 shops across seven states, Dunn Brothers Coffee is ready to accelerate its growth. Since 1987, Dunn Brothers Coffee has delivered customers the freshest cup of coffee in the communities it serves and is regularly recognized for serving the highest quality coffee among multi-location coffee brands*. Locations boast an in-house roaster, managed exclusively by the brand’s Certified Roasters; and Dunn Brothers Coffee sources from sought-after international farming regions to procure the finest green beans for their consumers. By constantly rotating in new beans and roasting profiles, the brand keeps its offerings fresh and lively, inviting customers to embark on a flavor journey with each sip.

With more than five upcoming store openings, the recent launch of a new line of packaged coffee beans and K-Cups in Minneapolis grocery stores, and development plans for drive-thru-only models, the brand’s momentum for growth is percolating.

“We’re immersed in the culture of coffee, which means we’re committed to providing the highest quality coffee experience for our customers. That’s why we take the extra step to roast our own hand-selected coffee with proximity to our customers that is unmatched,” says Scott Harvey, President of Dunn Brothers Coffee. “It’s a freshness standard we uphold—we never sell coffee in our shops that’s been roasted more than five days prior. You won’t find another coffee shop brand with the quality and taste as consistent as ours.”

Now, the brand is eagerly planning its next steps for expansion and growth. In addition to entering grocery stores, Dunn Brothers Coffee is introducing menu innovations in its shops to maximize every guest experience and franchisee profitability. Naturally, the brand’s focus on its menu innovations will hit squarely on its core strength: high-quality coffee.

“We have a legacy of quality and keeping that as our north star allows us to bridge generations,” adds Harvey. “For many communities, access to quality coffee has been limited, or even nonexistent, but we see an opportunity to change that.”

Franchising the Dunn Brothers Coffee concept presents numerous benefits for owner-operator groups, including a robust business model, a dedicated support team, and the benefits of a well-established brand in the thriving coffee industry. Positioned in a sector with ample opportunity, the Dunn Brothers Coffee fast-casual concept has already garnered interest for its adaptability to various geographic markets. Prospective franchisees should match with the brand’s passion for coffee and commitment to quality above all else.