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The support team of Dunn Brothers Coffee has decades of experience and expertise in all aspects of successful coffee shop operations, leasing, construction, marketing, and franchising. You’re in good hands. In fact, our current owner was the first franchisee! Here’s what to expect in each area of the business:

Real Estate

  • Assist in choosing your location.
  • Provide geographic and demographic data of the real estate options.
  • Provide technical space requirements and leasing process guidance.


  • Guide you through the process of drafting architectural plans and building department revisions.
  • Furnish a vendor book with costs and sources for equipment and supplies.
  • Provide a resource list of contractors throughout the country to assure competitive build-out costs.


  • Perform 2-day Dunn Brothers Coffee New Operator Orientation Training.
  • Perform 2-week training class at the headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, and in your store when it’s ready.
  • Provide on-site support and training for your store opening, including in-store coffee bean roasting, operations, and marketing.
  • Provide training resources to ensure you and your team have the skill and knowledge to create the Dunn Brothers Coffee experience in your store.
  • Offer ongoing support to improve team member skills.


  • Assign Franchise Business Consultant to work with you to grow and optimize your business.
  • Provide pre-opening, opening, and ongoing operational assistance.
  • Provide training in business management, customer service, merchandising, and retailing.
  • Conduct regularly-scheduled phone calls and on-site visits to discuss your business operations, point-of-sale (POS), and training support needs.


  • Develop strategy and implementation plans for national and local marketing promotions to build brand awareness and drive store visits and sales.
  • Provide you with the tools, knowledge, and resources to successfully market and grow your business.
  • Establish and maintain brand standards and guidelines to ensure that all franchise and corporate locations are delivering on the Dunn Brothers Coffee brand promise.
  • Work with outside vendors and ad agencies to ensure that marketing efforts are fresh, current, and relevant to our brand and customer demographics.
  • Regularly work with a team of franchisees to discuss, develop, and execute effective marketing strategies.

Purchasing Power and Product Development

  • Leverage the size of our system and solid vendor relationships to provide high-quality products at highly competitive prices.
  • Provide new and innovative products to improve sales and keep customers engaged.
  • Support your special events.

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