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Brewing Coffee at Home

What is the recommended coffee brewing process?

Once you’ve got great coffee beans, there’s still one more step. Correct brewing will unlock all of our coffee’s rich flavor and deep aroma.

  1. If you grind your own beans, grind just before brewing.
  2. Grind your coffee in small batches.
  3. Measure 2T of coffee per 6oz. of water. This makes a deep, flavorful cup of coffee. (If you prefer a lighter cup, simply add a little hot water to the finished brew.)
  4. Always use fresh water.
  5. If you use a French press coffee maker, bring the water to just short of a boil (195-205 degrees).
  6. Keep brew time to 4-5 minutes.

How Fine Should my Coffee be Ground?

Different brewing systems require different grinds to get the best results. Your barista can advise you on the proper grind for your coffeemaker. Here are a few guidelines:

  • If possible, only grind as much coffee as you intend to use right away.
  • Choosing the proper grind setting is an art in itself. In general, the faster brewing systems benefit from a finer grind, and slower systems require a more coarse grind.

How Much Coffee Do I Need?

Coffee WeightTotal Brewed Oz.# of 8oz. Cups# of 12oz. Cups# of 10 Cup Pots
.25 lb.80 oz.106.51
.5 lb.160 oz.20132
1 lb.240 oz. (2 gal.)30204+
1.25 lb.320 oz. (2.5 gal.)40275+
2 lb.480 oz.60408+
2.5 lb.640 oz (5 gal)805310+

How Should I Store my Coffee Beans?

When it comes to freshness, there’s no substitute for, well, freshness. We encourage our guests to buy just a week’s worth of coffee at a time. Store your coffee at room temperature in the same bags you bring your coffee home in. Avoid refrigerator or freezer storage.

What’s the Buzz on Decaf?

It’s important to know that caffeine has little to do with the taste of coffee. Most of the flavor is determined by the quality of the bean, the roasting process and how the coffee is brewed. The FDA-approved decaffeination methods we use remove 97 to 99 percent of the caffeine. We kick the caffeine out and keep the flavor in so you can enjoy great tasting coffee any time of day.