Dunn Brothers Quality Difference #1: Roasted Fresh Locally

July 2, 2015

Roasted Fresh LocallyOur Quality Difference – We Source Our Beans Globally and Roast Fresh Locally

Here at Dunn Brothers, we start with top-grade, single-origin beans. We believe in offering our customers exceptional coffees while rewarding the farmer, protecting the environment, and bettering our communities. Our goal is to offer 100% certified or independently verified sustainably produced coffees. We source only top-grade, varietals that are either independently certified or grown by farmers we trust. These single-origin beans reflect the uniqueness of their growing environment, the care of the farmers that produce them and the meticulous criteria we use to select only those coffees that “cup” to our discerning flavor standards. Every year we sample countless “premium” coffees, but only about 1 in 10 will ever make it into our stores.

Roasted Fresh, In-Store, Daily

We use a micro-roasting process, meaning we roast in small, seven pound batches, in-store, every day. By doing this, we ensure the freshest, and richest flavor and aroma possible, and we never sell beans more than 5 days beyond their roasting date. Simply put, the freshest beans make the best cup of coffee.

How are we able to roast so often you ask? It takes a small but mighty army of roasters who have either graduated from or are apprenticing in our Dunn Brothers Certified Roaster Program. We like to think of them as the Navy Seals of Coffee, dedicated to protecting your natural born rights to an amazing coffee experience. While a delicious cup of coffee begins with a quality bean, it’s during the roasting process that the magic happens.

Roast Mastery is the Key to Freshness and Flavor

Our expert roast masters know that the roasting process is both an art and a science (along with a little magic). Roasting spurs complex chemical reactions in which proteins are broken down and aromatic oils are produced. These water-soluble oils, called coffee oils, or caffeol, carry the flavors that you taste. This is where the quality of each bean varietal is transformed and its own unique roasting and flavor profile comes alive. By artfully tailoring the roasting process to the bean using the ultimate control of a small batch drum roaster, the Dunn Brothers army of roast masters bring out the distinct qualities of every coffee. Take a peek at this video to learn from our Roastmaster why roasting in the store is the key to freshness and flavor.

Bottom line for you coffee lovers? An exceptional cup of java and a variety of new flavor experiences that await you at your nearest Dunn Brothers. Come experience, dare we say, a little magic-in-a-cup. Your taste buds will thank you.

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