Our Coffee Sourcing Philosophy

July 19, 2012

We believe in offering our customers exceptional coffees while rewarding the farmer, protecting the environment, and bettering our communities.

To put those words into action, we partner with the most respected certifiers of sustainably grown coffee in the world including UTZ Certified, Fair Trade USA, and Rainforest Alliance. We also visit many of the farms where we purchase coffee and verify first hand that farmers are adhering to sustainable farming practices that will protect the environment while producing the quality coffees we demand. Our “Direct Trade” practice, together with our efforts to source certified coffees, brings total transparency to the coffee sourcing process. We believe that when our customers ask, “Where did the coffee come from?” and “How was it produced?” we should have confidence in our answer.

Our goal is to offer 100% certified or independently verified sustainably produced coffees. We are committed to working with our existing farming partners so we can deepen our long term relationships with them, enable their skills in responsible farming and continue to bring you the high quality coffees you have come to expect.

World Coffee Research
In addition, we have recently partnered with World Coffee Research (WCR), a collaborative research and development program of the global coffee industry, committed to the mission of growing, protecting and enhancing the supplies of quality coffee, while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it. The program is driven by the global coffee industry, guided by producers and executed by coffee scientists from around the world.

World Coffee Research logo

View the announcement of this partnership:
Dunn Bros Coffee joins World Coffee Research

For more information about WCR, read this recent article in the Wall Street Journal featuring WCR head Texas A&M University Agronomist, Tim Schilling: The Indiana Jones of Coffee

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