The Official Home of Taste

The Official Home of Taste started in 1987, by two brothers, Ed and Dan Dunn in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Committed to flavor and freshness, their model was simple: roast the beans in the store and eliminate the usual channels that compromise how delicious a cup of coffee could actually be.

Seven years later, Chris Eilers and Skip Fay become the first franchisees. In 1998 Chris and Skip purchase the franchise rights to grow the Dunn Brothers brand to help expand the availability of the remarkable standard of flavor and taste Dunn Brothers was known for (in fact, City Page readers have voted Dunn Brothers the best cup of coffee in the Twin Cities over 10 times).

How to Chill without Compromise
In the constant pursuit of better taste and more pronounced flavor, we introduced Infinite Black™ - our cold-brewed coffee, steeping our fresh-roasted beans for 24 amazing hours - delivering more buzz per cup, unprecedented smoothness and 60% less acid than hot brewed coffee. They're even available in refillable growlers our fellow coffee lovers bring in (to get refilled) once they've used up their fresh cold-pressed supply.

Micro-roasting for Maximum Flavor
Unlike national brands that roast hundreds of pounds of coffee at a time, selling coffees weeks and months after being roasted, Dunn Brothers roasts small batches, commonly 7 pound batches, practically every day. This assures a fresher, richer flavor and aroma, since we never sell beans more than 5 days beyond their roasting date.

An Army of Roasters Obsessed with Flavor and Taste
And these are done by our roasters who have graduated from, or are apprenticing, our Dunn Brothers Certified Roaster Program. Think of them as the Navy Seals of Coffee, protecting our natural born rights to an amazing java experience.

And our work with coffee farmers is pretty legendary, just ask any of our store operators or click here.

The Guardians of Delicious with One Focus
After we've roasted our beans, we hand them off to our Guardians of Delicious (aka baristas) who follow some vital rules we live by:

  • None of our shops use automatic coffee machines ensuring each drink is handmade and cared for
  • We never grind your coffee until we've steamed the milk, allowing time for the milk to rest and settle
  • We grind only then so all the flavor goes into your cup and isn't allowed to escape into "aroma theater" found in some coffee houses (aroma to us is flavor that's allowed to escape its home: the cup where your cup of bliss resides)
  • Our brewed coffee is served within 90 minutes of being brewed. After that, we make a fresh pot.
  • We only serve fresh handmade whipped cream

Come in, pull up a chair and introduce your taste buds to a cup that is without equal.

Your mouth will thank you. Your friends will be glad to know you.
Your colleagues will respect you.

Let the good times roll.

Roast Perfection