Truths That We Stand By

Coffee Truth Number One: Great coffee begins with great beans. In other words, just because someone claims to serve coffee made from “100% Arabica” beans, doesn’t mean it’s a “premium” product! At Dunn Brothers, coffee isn’t an “add on” or incidental part of our business. Coffee is what we do. We source only top-grade, varietals that are either independently certified or grown by farmers we trust. These single-origin beans reflect the uniqueness of their growing environment, the care of the farmers that produce them and the meticulous criteria we use to select only those coffees that “cup” to our discerning flavor standards. Every year we sample countless “premium” coffees, but only about 1 in 10 will ever make it into our stores.

Learn how we select and “cup” our coffees in our short web video:


Coffee Truth Number Two: The quality of the bean counts for nothing if you don’t roast it correctly. That’s because beans develop their aroma and flavor during the roasting process. The heat spurs complex chemical reactions in which proteins are broken down and aromatic oils (called coffee oils, or caffeol) are created. These water-soluble oils carry the flavors that you taste. Each varietal has its own unique roasting and flavor profile, and that’s why we primarily focus on bringing you exceptional single-origin coffees. By tailoring the roasting process to the bean with the ultimate control of a small batch drum roaster, we are able to bring out the unique qualities of every coffee, giving you the opportunity to discover a new flavor experience every time you visit.

Learn from our Roastmaster why roasting in the store is the key to freshness and flavor.

Coffee Truth Number Three: Fresher coffee tastes better! Roasting not only activates flavor – it also activates a clock. From the moment the oils are released, oxygen starts to break them down, leaching the beans of their flavor. That’s why we hand-scoop and package our coffees in the store and sell them within a week of being roasted; because the fresher the beans are, the more flavorful the final cup will be. It’s the coffee world’s most stringent freshness standard and we are very proud to say you can only find it at Dunn Brothers.

Select single origin Arabica varietals, meticulous micro roasting and the freshest coffee you can find – three key reasons why Dunn Brothers is the home of good taste.