New in July: Mexico – Baxtla

July 1, 2015

Mexico – Baxtla (pronounced box-zla), our featured selection for July, is bright and fragrant with notes of dark chocolate, berry and spice. Balanced with a mild acidity and a smooth body, it has a rich, crisp finish perfect for warm summer months.

A flavor experience with Baxtla begins with the freshly ground aroma of tobacco leaf and vanilla, mingled with chocolate and spice. Once brewed, notes of dark chocolate, spice and caramel tempt your nostrils. The flavor is balanced with a medium, rich body and acidity that is mild and just slightly tart – finishing with a crisp after taste. You’ll discover Baxtla to be a delicious and refreshing brew for balmy summer days reminiscent of its origin.

Mexico is building momentum in the high-end specialty coffee world and there is an increasing number of exceptional Mexican coffees coming in to the market.  Baxtla is a small municipality (population 695) situated approximately 3,400 feet above sea level in the Veracruz region of Mexico about 142 miles east of the country’s capital city, Mexico City. The town may be small in size but they are a big player when it comes to improved and sustainable agricultural practices. Since 2009, they have developed organic pest control and fertilization plans with long-term benefits for the environment, as well as improved efficiency in production to create an elevated quality of life for those who work the farm.

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