New in August: Colombia – Trilladora

August 6, 2015

Colombia - Trilladora

Colombia – Trilladora, our featured coffee bean selection for August, is available in both the Full City Roast and French Roast to give you two different flavor experiences of this Amazonian bean.

The Full City Roast, our lighter roast, is infused with a balance of delicate citrus, exotic fruit and milk chocolate notes. With mild acidity, this coffee has a buttery smooth body and a long, sweet finish.

Our dark, French Roast boasts an intense caramel and spice aroma. A hint of oak mingles with spice and bittersweet chocolate in this heavy, creamy-bodied brew. This coffee has a crisp, citrus-like acidity and finishes with a rich, dark chocolate aftertaste.

Columbia has a high-ranking position as one top coffee producers in the world. With an average annual coffee production of over 11 million bags, it is the third highest producer in the world, after Brazil and Vietnam. The Trilladora bean comes from the Colombian department (similar to a state or province) of Huila. Huila, named after Colombia’s second highest peak, the Nevado del Huila volcano, is an area of privileged climate and soil – perfect for growing high-quality beans. A very special Amazonic haze covers the vegetation in this part of the fertile Magdalena River valley year-round providing a lush environment where the coffee trees can grow and flourish.

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