Featured Bean: Colombia Huila Micro Lot

May 6, 2016

A Bean from Privileged Climate and Soil: Colombia Huila Micro Lot

Our latest featured bean is the Huila Micro Lot from Colombia. This amazing bean is grown in a beautiful and fertile region of the Colombian Massif in the Andes. We’re excited to bring both a light and dark selection to our stores.

Throughout the year, our coffee experts taste hundreds of coffees from all over the world to find the year’s gems. We scour the globe through travels, and from the tasting room, to find a bean that we think you will enjoy.

Our co-CEO and coffee buyer Skip Fay said: “Every year coffee changes, depending on a variety of factors such as harvest and climate. Coffees that excel one year may taste differently the next year. We have to continually work with our growing partners and buying partners all over the world to find this year’s best beans.”

We think we have a true gem in the Colombia Huila Micro Lot. Grown in the Huila department in south-central Colombia, the volcanic soil and Amazonian haze of the fertile valleys create the perfect environment for coffee trees to grow and thrive with little need for protection from larger, shade trees. The people in the area believe that the neighboring forest tracts protect their land from the violence of the regional weather and give them a calm, peaceful place to live and farm.

Skip added: “We’ve featured other beans from this region of Colombia last year, and they were wonderful. We’re sure this year’s Huila Micro Lot will be another hit with our customers.”

Nearly 100 small coffee growers from the Los Naranjos de San Agustin co-operative, each farmer tends to a hectare or more of coffee trees. The small, clean farms inhabit the sides of a riverbank into the mountains. Butterflies, Hummingbirds and giant lavender flowers can be found in and around the coffee trees. The beans are carefully picked, washed and sun-dried before being hand sorted to ensure the highest quality beans.

We’re bringing you both a light and a dark selection from the Micro Lots in Huila. The light selection offers a rich and well-balanced cup. It has delicate fruit and chocolate notes and a soft, sweet finish. In contrast, the dark selection has intense caramel and spice aromas with a dark chocolate finish.

Many farmers in the Huila region keep a small portion of their best coffee to drink in their homes. So when you next drink a cup of this great coffee, you might be sharing an experience with a coffee farmer more than 3,000 miles away.

Green beans - Huila Micro Lot

Green beans – Huila Micro Lot

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