Dunn Brothers Quality Difference #3: Infinite Black™

July 14, 2015

Our Quality Difference #3 – Infinite Black™

Back in 2010, obsessed with bold, super-charged flavor, Dunn Brothers introduced Infinite Black™, its signature cold press coffee. Steeped for 24 hours from fresh-roasted beans to slowly extract all flavor, this “black gold” as some of our customers have come to call it, is known to deliver more buzz, a rich, smooth taste and amazingly, 60% less acid than hot brewed coffee.

Rich, Cold High Voltage Flavor In-Store and To-Go

While we like to declare every day as an Infinite Black™ cold press day, there’s nothing better than a glass of our signature cold press on a hot summer day. You can enjoy it straight up on ice or as one of our delicious Iced Nirvanas. Some don’t realize that since the day we launched our Infinite Black, it’s been available in a convenient, 64oz take-home growler that can be refilled time and time again. It’s just another way we extend your flavor experience into the comfort of your own home. You can even take it to picnics or to work so that you always have a fresh supply of cold-pressed goodness on hand.

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