Dunn Brothers & ARC – A Changemaking Partnership

September 20, 2016



Guest post by Daniel Wordsworth, President & CEO of the American Refugee Committee (ARC)

Since I first came to Minnesota, I’ve held a special place for Dunn Brothers. Maybe it’s a warm cup that helps me cope with the brutal Minnesota winters. Maybe it’s their obsession with delivering quality and flavor to customers like me while staying committed to rewarding the farmers who grow the coffee. Or maybe it’s because Dunn Brothers reminds me of the way ARC also strives to be –– not setting up shop to simply sell a product but engaging with the people we serve to become a trusted neighbor in the communities where we work.

American Refugee Committee has been partnering with Dunn Brothers for a few years now, starting with the Changemaker Chocolate Bar – a B.T. McElrath dark chocolate crafted with Dunn Brothers coffee and benefitting ARC. Since then Dunn Brothers has been a sponsor of ARC’s Changemakers Ball gala fundraiser. At this year’s event their coffee will be brewed into a coffee-flavored beer crafted by Summit Brewery.

And this year, Dunn Brothers launched the Changemaker Collection, a selection of coffee beans sourced from the very same communities around the world where ARC works with refugees. In February, a bean from Burundi was available in all 87 Dunn Brothers Coffee locations, with purchases benefitting the Burundian refugees ARC assists in Rwanda and the more than 3 million people we work with worldwide.

Now, we’re really excited for the arrival of the second bean in the Changemaker Collection, this one from Uganda. The Uganda coffee is complex and rich in body, with bold acidity and lots of sweet caramel flavor to balance.  Spice and cedar aroma notes and a crisp tangerine-like tartness complete the finish.

Sales from the Changemaker Collection Uganda bean can help our team in Uganda who works to provide things like clean water and protection to refugees living in places like Nakivale refugee settlement – a refugee camp established 60 years ago!

At ARC, we’re incredibly grateful for the partnership of Dunn Brothers and all its franchisees and coffee-drinking customers. We’re so thankful to be working together to create breakthrough humanitarian solutions to assist refugees worldwide.


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