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Dunn Brothers Quality Difference #2: The Yummy 5-Day Promise

Jul 08, 2015

Back in 1987, Ed and Dan Dunn launched the Official Home of Taste in St. Paul, Minnesota with a fierce commitment to flavor and freshness. Their model was simple: roast the beans in the store and eliminate the usual channels and process that can compromise an amazingly, delicious cup of coffee. Dunn Brothers roasts small batches – commonly 7 pound batches – practically every day.
Our micro-roasting process assures a fresher, richer flavor and aroma. But roasting often not only activates … [Read More]

Dunn Brothers Quality Difference #1: Roasted Fresh Locally

Jul 02, 2015

Roasted Fresh LocallyOur Quality Difference – We Source Our Beans Globally and Roast Fresh Locally
Here at Dunn Brothers, we start with top-grade, single-origin beans. We believe in offering our customers exceptional coffees while rewarding the farmer, protecting the environment, and bettering our communities. Our goal is to offer 100% certified or independently verified sustainably produced coffees. We source only top-grade, varietals that are either independently certified or grown by farmers we … [Read More]

New in July: Mexico – Baxtla

Jul 01, 2015

Mexico – Baxtla (pronounced box-zla), our featured selection for July, is bright and fragrant with notes of dark chocolate, berry and spice. Balanced with a mild acidity and a smooth body, it has a rich, crisp finish perfect for warm summer months.
A flavor experience with Baxtla begins with the freshly ground aroma of tobacco leaf and vanilla, mingled with chocolate and spice. Once brewed, notes of dark chocolate, spice and caramel tempt your nostrils. The flavor is balanced with a … [Read More]

New in June: Rwanda – Kabirizi

May 28, 2015

Rwanda KabiriziRwanda Kabirizi is big, bold and rich. The aroma is intense with berry and spice. Complex, bright acidity supports a lingering sweet finish.
Flavor Profile

Dry aroma: roast pepper, spice, raspberry
Wet armoa: rich, malty, dense, fruit
Body: full
Acidity: complex, bright
Aftertaste: sweet, caramel, molasses

Our Selection Process

May 19, 2015

Dunn Brothers Coffee Selection ProcessWhen buying coffee worldwide, we have only a single standard: quality. Not price. Not convenience. We taste every single coffee ourselves before we buy. So only the very finest of the very finest beans make it to our stores. And into your cup.
We search the world for great coffee. You just have to search the store.
Of course, you don’t find beans like these just anywhere. The … [Read More]

Show Off Your Bike and Win!

May 18, 2015

Show Off Your Bike and Win
We are so excited to celebrate National Bike month and we hope you all participate by grabbing your bike and going for a ride! We also encourage you to participate in our social media weekly photo contest this month.
Every week we ask you to post your pictures of being out and about enjoying a Dunn Brothers Coffee while hitting the road on two wheels. You … [Read More]

New In May: Costa Rica – Cafe Vida

May 12, 2015

Dunn Brothers Costa Rica Cafe Vida
We are proud to offer this new big and bold coffee, Costa Rica – Cafe Vida. We’ll be brewing this fine coffee at each of our shops every Friday in May – so stop by and give it a try!
Tasting Notes:
Full City Roast: A very pleasant mild cup. Delicate spice and chocolate flavor. Soft on the palate with sweet lingering fruit finish
French Roast: Sweet, spicy aroma and … [Read More]

New In April: Burundi – Mpanga

Apr 01, 2015

Dunn Brothers Coffee Burundi Mpanga
We are proud to offer this new big and bold coffee, Burundi-Mpanga. We’ll be brewing this fine coffee at each of our shops every Friday in April- so stop by and give it a try!
Tasting Notes:
This coffee is big and bold, showing off a lot of ripe fruit and spice character. The acidity is bright and quite forward. Still more spice notes can be found in the finish … [Read More]

Single Origin Beans

Mar 12, 2015

What Makes Dunn Brothers Coffee the best?
Ed and Dan Dunn opened Dunn Brothers Coffee in 1987 in St. Paul, Minnesota. This was a coffee shop with a big difference: all of the coffee beans were roasted right in the shop. They believed that this made it possible to deliver the freshest tasting, highest quality coffee possible. Today, customers in every neighborhood Dunn Brothers Coffee shop agree.
It’s not just where the beans are roasted that make them so special, it’s where … [Read More]