Brand New in October: El Salvador – Las Nubes

October 2, 2015

El Salvador – Las Nubes, is our featured coffee bean selection for the month of October. This bean is available in both the Full City Roast and French Roast to give you two differently complex flavors to experience with this Central American bean.

The Full City Roast, our lighter roast, is a finely balanced, rich cup. The body is buttery with a mild acidity and a sweet-spicy note. It has a lingering finish with more of a sweet orange and cocoa flavor.

The French Roast, our darker roast, offers a smooth, rich body, with spice in both aroma and flavor. The finish boasts the sweet tartness of orange peel and lingers with just the slightest hint of smoke.

Coffee was first cultivated in El Salvador in the 19th century for domestic consumption. By 1880, coffee was an exportable product and was becoming more important to the economy. Coffee production flourished throughout the 20th century and by 1980, coffee was responsible for 50% of the gross domestic product. The coffee of El Salvador is known for its old-growth heirloom Bourbon variety trees. During the war years, while other countries were introducing Catimor and Catimor hybrids, El Salvador’s attention was focused on the heirloom varieties. Farms now have old-stock Bourbon trees and in some extreme cases, are as old as 80 years.

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